Tyler can recently be seen in his directorial debut, A Night at Cagney’s for which he was nominated for Best Screenwriting and took home the award for Best Actor in a Supporting role. The ceremony was held at the Directors Guild of America.

In the coming year, Tyler will be featured in three independent feature films. Among them are, The Long Way, Rosie Colored Glasses and the sci fi thriller, Proximity. Later next year, Tyler will be traveling overseas to begin production on his first horror feature, while also hoping to begin production on his first feature film that he wrote entitled Seymour.

Tyler began his career as an actor on the stage playing mostly rebellious young men looking for love. He learned his craft first through the Meisner technique and since built it up with some of the best acting teachers in Los Angeles, including Anthony Meindl, Michael Woolson and Craig Wallace

Born and raised in Windsor, Connecticut, Tyler grew up being the sole artist in a family of four. Whether it was through drawing, making noises or dressing up, expressing himself creatively was a necessity. The acting bug undoubtedly came from his father whom at an early age gave him access to all the great films of the 1960’s to early 90’s. Scarface at the age of five had quite the impact.

Growing up for Tyler wasn’t all comic books and imagination either. He learned how to correctly handle a fire arm and developed an enthusiasm for fitness, specifically weight training but more importantly as he’d figure out later on, boxing. 

Looking back now, Tyler can’t help but feel all these interests feed into his need to become his idols he watched as a boy. The Brando’s, the Penn’s the DeNiro’s, the need to become one of the greats is the constant driver in his career and whether he has to act, write, direct, produce or all four, he will stop at nothing to get there.